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      You’re Doing it Wrong

      Studying the Bible is not hard, unless you are just plain doing it wrong.

      How do you know if you are doing it wrong?

      If you think the most important thing about Genesis 6 is that there were “giants in the earth in those days”…

      If the most used chapters in your copy of 1 Corinthians are the chapters on tongues and sign gifts…

      If you think Daniel and Revelation tell you more about what God is doing today than Philippians…

      If you think the only thing Genesis talks about is creation…

      If you think Job is God’s final word on suffering …

      If you think the book of John is best used to prove the humanity of Jesus…

      If you think the wild graft is more important than the broken branches in Romans 11…

      If you think the old testament started in Genesis 1, the new testament in Matthew 1, or that studying Paul means studying Acts…

      … then you are doing it wrong.

      If your study constantly consists of searching for the most difficult passages, or for something unique that no one knows, then you are doing it wrong.

      Study the Bible to comprehend what God intended everyone to know. Here is where you will find the most important doctrines, and the doctrines with the most depth (e.g. Christ, salvation, righteousness, workmanship).

      Difficult and strange verses can easily distract you from the main point of a passage.

      Don’t take your eyes off the ball just because the guy in left field has “Eph 4:8” painted on his chest. He is in left field, you are up to bat.

      Majoring on the minors, spending too much time on the tangents, and engaging the extra-biblical will drive you into a ditch before long, because you did not keep your eyes on the road.

      Studying the Bible is easy when you do it right. Do it right by keeping your eyes on the most important things.

      For His glory,

      Justin “eyes on the ball” Johnson

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