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      January 29th, 2022

      You Already Have What You Need

      I had finished checking every cabinet in the kitchen for the second time. There were some jars and boxes. In the fridge were some plants and bottles.

      I made a mental note to go to the grocery store: we needed food, there was nothing to eat.

      A half hour later, a savory aroma was coming from the kitchen where my wife had prepared a delicious meal.

      Has this ever happened to you?

      Where I saw “nothing to eat” she was able to create a nourishing meal. I was wrong. The food was there, but I did not know how to prepare it. My ignorance made me think I needed something I already had.

      So it is with what God has provided for us in this dispensation. When you don’t know what to look for, or how to use it, you open the Bible thinking, “there is nothing there, God, I need something more.”

      But with eyes of understanding, the word of God and his grace become sufficient.

      At the end of Paul’s ministry, it would have been natural for Timothy to have feelings of insufficiency as his father in the faith was preparing to depart.

      Paul reminds his beloved son to stir up what God had given him (2 Tim 1:6). Timothy did not need something new, what he needed he had been given already by God.

      This is God’s grace. His grace is sufficient because you have everything you need already. If you don’t see how that is, then you may be opening the cabinets and looking past what is there. You may need to learn to use the tools.

      Remember, God has already given us what we need by grace. This is described in the Bible rightly divided. It is for us to stir it up and serve it to others.

      For your edification,

      Justin “learning to cook” Johnson

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