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      November 7th, 2020
      Who’s Your Leader?
      Warning: public proclamation of the following may get you arrested in some countries.

      There has been a lot of confusion this week in America about who will be our leader.

      Who is sailing this ship?

      Who lays out the map for where we are going?

      Who sets the pattern for millions to follow?

      Who dictates the principles that we all should live by?

      Who possesses the highest power to strengthen the people?

      For the Christian, the answer is as clear now as it was before the election confusion.

      There is one Lord (Eph 4:5).
      There is one Saviour (1 Tim 2:5).
      There is one Head that we should be holding (Col 2:10).

      Our strength by faith has always been that we have one who leads us without fail: our Lord Jesus Christ.

      If you are saved, you are a member of His body. If you are anchored to any other leader, you are on a ship that will eventually sink.

      All glory to God,

      Justin Curtis Johnson

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