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      March 12th, 2022

      What is Jesus Doing

      Remember the W.W.J.D. craze from the popular evangelical book by Charles Sheldon?

      The author of the book, and those who were trained in the behavioral exercise, would recall the words and actions of Jesus in the red-letter books to determine what he would do if he were here today in your situation. This was supposed to make the wearer of the bracelet or keychain more like Christ.

      What’s the problem?

      First, the ministry of Jesus in the red letters was to Israel and is not the pattern of our ministry today. We could not and ought not walk in his steps. Those steps were in Israel and for Israel. Taking those steps as your pattern would be a failure to rightly divide.

      Second, it is the wrong question to ask. Jesus has not been silent since the red-letter books as if we need to subjectively surmise what he would do now.

      Instead of asking “what would Jesus do” as if he has not told us, a better question would be “what is Jesus doing?”, because he has told us.

      What he is doing has changed from what he was doing in his earthly ministry to Israel. What Jesus is doing is found in the instructions he gave the church in Paul’s epistles.

      When you find out that the Lord Jesus Christ would have all men to be saved by the preaching of the cross and come to a knowledge of the truth of the mystery of Christ, then you might start to appreciate what Jesus already did instead of wondering what he would do.

      For His glory,

      Justin “His work is done” Johnson

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