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      October 9th, 2021

      Walking by Grace through Faith

      Next Saturday, October 16th, is our annual Ambassadors Seminar: Rightly Dividing Our Walk.


      Many people view their Christian walk like running a marathon (26.2 miles) or climbing Mount Everest (29,031ft). It takes a lot of grueling work, but if you are truly committed you can succeed! Then when you succeed, you can give glory to God!

      If this is the Christian walk, then who can succeed but the most righteous of us or those with the most ability? The rest of us either fail to meet the mark or become intimidated at the thought of overcoming our towering imperfections.

      If this is the Christian walk, then you don’t need Christ. You need a strong will and a treadmill. Many quit before they begin, while their Bibles treadmills collect dust.

      Thank God this is not what it means to walk according to God’s grace.

      If the Christian walk is something that depends on your ability to perform, then you will fail. For your walk to succeed, it must depend upon Christ. Praise God, this is what grace provides!

      By the grace of God, the work necessary for you to walk a life of peace, righteousness, and rejoicing is already done! It is not something you are trying to achieve; it is something you receive by grace through faith in Christ.

      Join us next weekend for our seminar to learn what the grace of God teaches about your walk in Christ.


      For Truth,

      Justin “not my works” Johnson

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