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      Truth in Advertising

      Here’s the truth about our church.

      We are not interested in winning your friendship: we want you saved.

      We do not pretend to be your family: God gave you one.

      We are not trying to make you feel at home: we do not have La-Z-Boys and an open fridge.

      We do not take your money for religious reasons: no tithing allowed.

      We see no need to make church more fun, God more relevant, or the Bible more right by correcting it.

      We do not suffer ignorant religious superstition or heresy.

      We are interested in learning the truth about God and the Lord Jesus Christ from the Bible.

      We encourage questions, and seek answers from God’s word rightly divided.

      We work hard and succeed at creating unashamed workmen who are able to stand strong in spiritual understanding.

      We preach a holy God, man’s sin, righteous judgment, heaven and hell, the Bible without error, Jesus Christ as God, Paul’s pattern for the church, and salvation by grace through faith in Christ’s blood, death, burial, and resurrection without works.

      If this interests you, perhaps you should be at our church.

      If none of this interests you then it is a good thing you stay away, but at least now you know our true intent.

      If this does not sound like the church you attend, you should ask what your church is trying to sell.

      If churches can’t advertise the truth, what makes you think they can preach it.

      For His glory,

      Justin “Dale Carnegie” Johnson

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