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      The Need for Correction

      Correction means to replace error with truth, or to make right.

      Correction is a good thing. God corrects those he loves in the Bible, and He inspired the scripture to correct us (2 Tim 3:16).

      Not everyone sees the need for correction, because it requires this negative statement:

      “You are wrong.”

      That we are wrong should not shock us who let God be true, and every man a liar (Rom 3:4). We expect to be corrected.

      However, when men are placed beyond correction, they are infringing on God’s territory. When they start correcting God or his words it’s time to hit the road.

      Since correction must identify wrongs it is often misinterpreted as doing more harm than good, or overly critical.

      Not so! Correction does not harm, it strengthens someone by identifying and removing their errors. “You are wrong” is followed by “this is right.”

      Correction is how two people going different directions can walk together. One gets corrected, and that by scripture.

      Correction is not a personal attack or malice. Any loving parent knows this.

      Correction is needed for maturity. Sometimes the mature also need corrected. Correction perfects. The only reason any of us are right is because we stand corrected by God’s words.

      Failing to identify and remove errors in our churches does not protect anyone. It dangerously preserves the error, and allows churches to teach wrong doctrine with impunity. This needs corrected.

      Churches and teachers who are wrong need corrected. It should be administered by those that love them enough to see them made right.

      It is not loving to withhold correction. It is not godly to refuse it. This is the motivation behind Eph 4:15 and Gal 4:16.

      Silence is not an option.

      For His glory,

      Justin “corrected” Johnson

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