The Blindness of the Unbeliever

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      The Blindness of the Unbeliever

      I’ve read about Phil Robertson. He is on display as exhibit A for strange Christian nut by the entertainment reporters.

      He is a duck-hunting millionaire Church of Christ preacher. Can’t get more strange than that,… or can you?

      Phil is strange to urban America and “city loving, soft handed, hippies” (as Phil would say). They have never seen his kind of Christian up close.

      What you didn’t read in the obscenity laced GQ article was this:

      “He thumps that Bible hard enough to ring the bell at a county-fair test of strength.”

      Apparently, GQ does not get out to see many county fairs.

      Robertson is a Bible thumper because he prays at the end of every show and does not need to curse to be interesting (contrary to the standard of GQ writing).

      Half of the country agrees with Phil Robertson. The other half of the country sees the perspective and behavior of the Bible as completely alien.

      This is beyond Bible illiteracy, this is lack of exposure. They are just like the jungle tribes that have never heard of Christ, only they pay a lot more for their coffee.

      We get exposed to their single-track perspective all over the internet, television, and in magazines, but they’ve never seen a real Bible believer. They have never been out into the real world.

      We need faithful and able workmen who are willing to spend the time to learn the material, build churches, and evangelize.

      Do not rely on tv for your perspective of the world. Stand on God’s word, rightly divided, and your perspective will always be right.

      If Phil Robertson is a hardnosed Bible thumper because he prays on television, then it would be a very rude awakening the day a mid-Acts Pauline dispensational Bible believer gets his own reality tv show.

      For his glory,

      Justin “thump thump…” Johnson

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