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      June 25th, 2022

      The #1 Way to Prevent Abortion

      A major victory was won this week for the Christian cultural warriors. After 50 years, billions of dollars, generational political maneuvering, and cross denominational ecumenical effort, Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Over 60 million babies have been murdered by legal abortion since the controversial 1973 decision to legalize abortion.

      What is the result? The ruling did not make abortion illegal. Instead, it pushed the decision to each state. As a result, many states have already banned abortion or put in place legal restrictions. This was expected among those states with the lowest number of abortions. This could save many thousands of lives each year.

      The situation will be different among abortion friendly states which contain the most clinics. It is likely 75-90% of all abortion clinics will remain open. The abortions performed in those states may even increase slightly as some women from banned states will travel across state lines to pursue the painful procedure.

      The ruling has been called the “answer to prayers” and deemed “a miracle” by quite a few religious commentators. It has been the mission of many ecumenical partnerships for decades to achieve a judicial overruling. Now what?

      While this is a pivotal legal decision, we must remember the truth of scripture that hearts are not changed by laws (or Supreme Court rulings). The most important issue remains not whether women have the right of choice (a legal issue), but whether men and women make the right choice (a spiritual issue). Here is what we’ve learned in 50 years of legalized abortion.

      Abortion decreases 90% among married women.
      Abortion decreases 50% if you affiliate with a religion.
      Abortion decreases 75% if your church takes the Bible literally.

      Remove marriage, God, and the Bible and you get more abortions. Choices before the pregnancy matter most.

      Whenever a country takes a step to protect the unborn, it is a good step. Meanwhile, the best way to prevent abortion remains changing the hearts and minds of men and women to believe the Bible and live by its instruction.

      In other words, the ministry of seeing souls saved and saints edified works to save future generations as well. This has been God’s will for the church all along. No law, majority opinion, or political compromise needed – just the truth of God’s grace.

      For eternal life,

      Justin Curtis Johnson

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