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      Test Your Bible Literacy

      It is not news that Bible literacy has been declining in America for decades.

      Just in the past few weeks I’ve seen embarassing examples of Biblical illiteracy among journalists in nationwide print publications.

      What is driving this cultural illiteracy? Christian illiteracy. Christians are supposed to be the holders of Bible truth, but they have dropped the ball.

      Fewer Christians know what is in the Bible. You may be thinking, “Oh, but you are not talking to me.” Oh, but I might be.

      Can you identify one hundred people in the Bible? You should be able to easily. There are thousands. Take a few minutes…

      … no peaking!

      (No, Martin Luther, Mother Theresa, and King James are not people in the Bible.)

      Does a hundred sound like a lot? Let’s put it in perspective.

      Can you name a hundred athletes? Any time, any sport. Sound easier?

      Can you make a list of your hundred favorite movies? Sound fun?

      Can you make a playlist of a hundred popular songs? Two hundred?

      Most people can… easily. They do all the time on Pandora and Youtube! It is not that people do not have the brain power, it is that their attention is on other things.

      The stories and lessons of the Bible are being replaced in our culture, because people who have the Bible do not know them or care to talk about them.

      Increase your Bible literacy. It is necessary that you see before you can make others.

      For Truth,

      Justin “who’s there?” Johnson

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