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      Stop Cherry Picking

      Most Christians cherry pick beliefs from the Bible.

      When faced with contradictory passages in the Bible, Christians will use only those verses that support their tradition, belief, or denomination and disregard those that do not align with it.

      Verses that support their view are highlighted and those that contradict are spiritualized, retranslated, or ignored.

      Eventually a debate ensues with the opposing Christian cherry picking the opposite set of verses.

      Neither sees the complete picture. Neither is right to cherry pick. Cherry picking creates false teaching, heresy, and confusion.

      To avoid cherry picking your beliefs, you must be able to reconcile all the passges in their context.

      God’s word is true, if he says something is big and small, it must be big in a different sense or time than it is small, but God is not wrong in either place.

      To avoid cherry picking learn to study the context and look for the qualification that allows God’s word to be true without denying or changing the text.

      Cherry picking removes disagreeable verses to prove a point. Truth is not determined by cherry picking. Truth must reconcile all the facts.

      Every verse must be taken into account. All must be understood in their context. No more cherry picking.

      For Truth,

      Justin “every verse” Johnson

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