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      Starting With Faith

      By Justin Johnson

      Many people have spent countless years pouring over ancient documents, texts, and languages searching for indisputable evidence that the Bible is what it says it is: the word of God.

      In the end after collecting piles of data and evidence the same decision faces them. Are these God’s words?

      What is needed is faith in God to inspire and preserve his words. Without faith it is all meaningless.

      Before you begin to discuss the topic of manuscript evidence, Bible translations, and the Truth, you must believe that God has inspired and preserved his words. Otherwise we are wasting our time.

      Stop asking if there is a Bible, place your faith in God, and determine to study your Bible without doubt.

      Do you not see that God authored this book? Read its pages, do you not find divine truth in the words of Jesus? Do you not believe already the clear gospel in the words of Paul?

      Faith in God’s word is where intelligent Bible study begins. There is no surer object of faith than God and his words.

      Without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith you will be tortured by doubt your whole life, not because of a lack of evidences, but simply because you deny them.

      We must have faith in the inspiration of God’s word to the written page. Yet, even inspiration falls short without the useful preservation of those words.

      Preservation is how divine inspiration reaches you in the here and now. God’s word must be accessible if it would serve its purpose. A great truth that remains a mystery cannot be used. It must be discoverable; it must be preserved.

      God has spoken plainly and directly to us through his written word.

      All we have to do is trust the book God authored. Trust it as having supernatural origin, soaked in divine Truth, and readily available as a mine from which we can diligently search and find God’s treasures.

      Decide now to put your faith in God, trust your Bible and cast away all doubt. Only this will allow you to pursue the truth with confidence.

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