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      Start With Romans

      First starting out studying the Bible can be a daunting experience. It is a large book for modern society. The hundreds of articles, blogs, and audio files on the Grace Ambassadors website can also be intimidating.

      Bible-in-a-year programs can be helpful but detrimentally you don’t get to the instructions written to you by Paul until late fall!

      Don’t let intimidation stop you from digging in. If you’ve just been saved I would recommend Paul’s book to the Romans. Read it through multiple times. It will ‘stablish’ you in the faith of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery.

      Romans 1-2 teaches you about your sin.
      Romans 3-5 teaches salvation by grace apart from the law.
      Romans 6-8 teaches you how to serve God in grace.
      Romans 9-11 teaches about Israel’s rejection of the Messiah.
      Romans 12-16 teaches you how to behave towards others, rulers, and weaker brothers.

      For His Glory,

      Justin Curtis Johnson

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