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      Selfishness and Grace

      Selfishness is the sin that kills relationships.

      Self-righteousness is religion.
      Self-esteem is pride.
      Self-gratification is lust.

      When our self is inconvenienced, infringed, impugned, or injured we get angry, bitter, mean, and hateful.

      Selfishness destroys your relationship to God and those around you.

      The original sin was selfish when an entitled man and woman became vain in their imagination, darkened their hearts, and professed themselves to be wise.

      Vanity is defined in the Bible as living for yourself.
      Darkness in your heart is not able to shed light on anyone else, and selfish people always think they are wiser than everyone else.

      If you only serve yourself you serve a fool (Rom 1:22).

      The opposite of selfishness is grace. Grace is entirely unselfish. You cannot be selfish and gracious at the same time. Grace is doing for others, especially when they can’t do, have not earned, or deserved.

      If selfishness kills relationships, grace heals them.

      We are saved by grace through faith in what God did for us through Christ. We are reconciled to God by his grace toward us.

      Grace crucifies our self with Christ (Gal 2:20; Rom 6:5).
      Grace esteems others better than ourselves, pleases our neighbour for his good, and is grateful to God for all he did for us.

      Selfishness kills relationships, but grace gives, forgives, and provides new life and peace.

      Make grace the principle in your relationship, and live peaceably with God and all men.

      Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Phil 1:2

      For His glory,

      ~ Just a grace believer.

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