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      Praying for Forgiveness

      By Justin Johnson

      There can scarce be a more needed prayer in scripture than the prayer for forgiveness.  When asking for forgiveness the sinner realizes his sin against God and pleads to the one whom he has wronged for mercy.

      What a wonderful thing it would be to hear all the publicans of the world cry out “God be merciful to me a sinner!” This would be a welcomed harvest prepared for the message of reconciliation.

      However, there is no more pitiful tradition than when a saint of God who understands the message of the cross asks God for forgiveness.

      Surely the saved man should have an awareness of sin so as to recognize the need for it to be forgiven. However, it is a tragedy that saints forget that Christ died once for sins and they were crucified with him.

      The blood of Christ once appropriated by faith forgives all your sin, imputes to you God’s righteousness, and places you into the body of Christ!

      You are forgiven now and forever! God saw your sin on the cross and the riches of his grace were sufficient to redeem you from your debt.

      The proper attitude towards your sin is to stop doing it by reckoning yourself to be dead. (Romans 6:7,11)

      Then thank God for his kindness and mercy.

      For the saved man to pray for forgiveness as the publican would be to ignore Christ’s blood on the cross. Paul writes that we have already been forgiven! (Eph 4:32, Col 2:13)

      Your prayers have been answered! And that for two thousand years! Don’t ask for it, take it, believe it, and thank God for the forgiveness you have in Christ!

      If you are a sinner who has not put your faith in the Lord then stop now, trust in his blood as payment for your sins, and thank him for his love towards you.

      Stop sinning and be always grateful for the forgiveness you have from the riches of God’s grace. 

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