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      Our sister Judy, who is quite ill with an incurable disease, Parkinsonism Plus – specifically Shy/Drager Syndrome or Multi Systems Atrophy, can no longer live at home and be cared for with her special needs.  She was in the hospital for sometime, but now has been moved to

      Sidney Health Center – Extended Care
      216. 14th Avenue SW
      Sidney  MT 59270
      Her full  name is Judy Thiessen, if you would like to send her some cards of encouragement.  She is unlikely to return to her home. She still emails…and her addy isjandjthiessen@hotmail.com.  If you email…don’t say anything about the flowers until after tomorrow…we want to surprise her!

      While she is a most wonderful, spiritual woman of God, and trusts in Him, this is a difficult move to an extended care facility, away from her famliar home, husband, children and grandchildren. Judy is young in her fifties…and this move is very tramatic for her, as you can imagine.

      I sent her flowers which she will get today or tomorrow morning.  Sharleen has been emailing with her off and on to encourage her directly…so this is what I sent from all of us:

      Our love, Mari & Sharleen and all the SWORDS sisters.  We hope you are comfortable in your new digs…

      Here is a picture of what was sent…tried to do the flowers in the colors she loves.  It will also have a beautiful ribbon and bow around the base in either peach or yellow.  It is two dozen soft muted roses in peach, rose, white and butter yellow.  Please….keep our Judy in your prayers.


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      Sharleen Australia


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      Thanks, Mari!

      What kind of fellowship do you think she most craves? Chit chat? Biblical discussions? Is her mind clear, or does this illness affect that, too?

      Just wondering….

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