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      Leave Contradictions Alone

      Popular teachers of Bible interpretation say that nothing in the Bible can contradict because God cannot contradict himself.

      As a result when students find a contradiction in the Bible the plain meaning is distorted in order to make it align with the doctrine in the rest of the Bible.

      The conclusion is one cohesive doctrine taught throughout the Bible at the expense of context and progressive revelation.

      The truth is that there are statements and even doctrines in the Bible that contradict each other when taken out of context. This does not mean that God is contradictory or illogical.

      The answer is as simple as discerning the context. My wife receives different instructions than my mechanic. I do not contradict myself.

      God does not contradict himself, but he does give different doctrines to people that are under law and under grace. This is a dispensational difference.

      For His Glory,

      Justin Curtis Johnson

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