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      January 9th, 2021

      Learn Through Song

      Do you sing? Perhaps you should. The Bible instructs it (Col 3:16).

      It is a tool of edification and growth. How?

      Singing serves to keep truths in our heart throughout the day because it is set to music. Spiritual songs can teach and admonish us in times when we need the word of God.

      For example, do you feel flooded, overwhelmed, like you are living through a storm? Do you feel like you can’t fix the problems around you, like you’re stuck in a living hell?

      There is a song for that. Number 41 in our Grace Hymnal is the song “The Solid Rock.” You can get music and lyrics on our new app.

      It teaches you to lean on the completed work of Christ, to remain anchored to his grace, and that our hope is in nothing less than Jesus Christ.

      The hymn does it with more poetry than I just did, with repetition, and set to music, which helps the word to dwell in your heart.

      You don’t have to be a good singer or sing in public to have a song bouncing around your head. Not every song communicates truth. Make your melody the spiritual songs in the Grace Hymnal and let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.

      For Christ in you,

      Justin “bass” Johnson

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