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      November 27th, 2021

      Keep Good Tradition

      Tradition is bad when it makes what God says or what Christ did of none effect.

      Tradition is good when it establishes what God says and what Christ has done (2 Thess 2:15).

      To create good tradition, we allot a number of meetings each year to establish certain subjects with the saints at Grace Ambassadors.

      Every year, we have 5-6 dispensational chart lessons. These lessons summarize the entire Bible in one lesson to communicate how to use and understand all scripture.

      Every quarter we have a communion meeting that emphasizes the doctrine of the body of Christ, our common union in Christ, and the need for the charity of Christ toward one another.

      Every fall we host a weekend of meetings for guests to come and learn seminal truths for Ambassadors of God’s grace.

      Every summer we preach about the need for evangelism right around the time we start to coordinate some group summer evangelism.

      Every Sunday it is our custom to dedicate an hour for Bible questions or addressing news from a Bible believing perspective.

      Our first lesson of each new year focuses on the person or work of the great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

      Our last lesson of every year has the same title every year and focuses on evaluating our ministry and pressing toward the mark.

      We have been doing this for years. Some traditions have been passed down to us, some we have let go, and some we started. We want to keep good tradition and a solid foundation for future generations of faithful workmen.

      By His grace,

      Justin “every year” Johnson

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