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      June 18th, 2022
      Jesus Did Not Become a Sinner
      A heresy that resurfaces from time to time is the wrong idea that Jesus became a sinner when he died on the cross.
      This error grows like a weed in fanciful explanations of how Christ died for our sins. It often sounds like this:
      “Jesus became guilty of our sins.”
      “Jesus died as a murderer, adulterer, liar, etc.”
      “Jesus felt/shared/experienced all of our sins.”
      “Jesus went to hell to pay for our sins.”
      “Sin separated the Son from His Father.”
      “The Father turned his back on his own Son.”
      Teachings such as these make Jesus a sinner and as a result make it impossible for him to be the Saviour of sinners or God manifest in the flesh.
      Jesus Christ was an atonement for sin; he was never guilty of sin (except in the minds of his false accusers).
      Israel’s sacrifices were often required to be without spot or blemish. This was a shadow of the perfect sacrifice who knew no sin being made sin by taking the penalty of sin.
      So, it was with Jesus. The sin was always ours, never his.
      He “knew no sin” was “yet without sin” and his blood was “without spot”. He was innocent. He died innocent. He did not deserve to die. This is the only way his death could be counted as ours.
      The Bible teaches we do not have a sinner for a Saviour. We should avoid any profane idea that makes him one.
      By the word of God,
      Justin “beware” Johnson
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