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      Evangelism Works

      It is wonderful to hear from those of you who have been encouraged by our ministry to pass out tracts through tables at fairs, events, or door to door.

      Sometimes you will hear from your Christian friends that it won’t work. Usually, this comes from the same people who don’t evangelize or only evangelize to their friends.

      Do not fall for the lies of those who say tracts and door to door ministry do not work. Their response shows the tracts are already working by starting the conversation!

      Don’t tell Martin Luther that tracts do not work. He nailed an original to a door 500 years ago. It is still seeing results today because it was first mass printed in the form of tracts and dispersed across towns.

      Don’t tell John Wesley and other itinerant preachers that going door to door doesn’t work. They established thousands of churches across the midwest by doing just that.

      This kind ministry can even work in rural areas. The problem of houses being farther apart from each other was solved by John Wesley when he got a horse. Today, we have more horsepower than he did.

      This morning we delivered tracts to over a hundred houses in the middle of cornfields around our building. We went in teams. We marked houses on maps. We knocked on doors. The tracts did most of the talking, and as far as we know they are still talking.

      If you don’t think you have a voice, then use your hands to knock on doors, setup tables, and hand out tracts. They work.

      For His glory,

      Justin “have a nice day” Johnson

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