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      Don’t Be a Wolf for Jesus

      For decades Christians have been infected with the wrong idea of spiritual espionage.

      Never heard of such thing? It exists. Spies sit in pews and stand behind pulpits.

      They sit alongside, appear to fit in, and hold positions in churches of which they have no loyalty to, nor do they believe the doctrine taught there.

      For shame, this is a reality among grace believers also.

      Imagine folks who understand mid-Acts right division as spiritual double-agents, holy 007’s, secretly attending other assemblies so as to subtly implant a word against their traditions to the unsuspecting sheep in their pews.

      Like wolves for Jesus, one day they hope to plant their doctrinal seed to overturn what has been taught, or to be in position to change the direction of the church entirely.

      This is not honest. It lacks integrity, and it is not the Biblical way to minister. The spies need to get out.

      If you are the spy, you probably justify your behavior by thinking you are helping your friends that believe wrong doctrine.

      You are not. They don’t know you are a spy. If they do, they think you are a hypocrite.

      If your old church will learn right doctrine it will be by you leaving, supporting, and preaching in a church that proclaims it clearly.

      Conversion does not happen by subversion. Conversion happens by speaking the truth in love and sincerity.

      We are not God’s CIA; we are grace ambassadors.

      Ambassadors bear their true colors, and wave their flag boldly. If the flag being waved at your assembly is not yours then you need to find a new assembly.

      For His glory,

      Justin “ambassador” Johnson

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