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      What a great week as I get ready for a grace conference in Billings and when I get back next week to 4 days in Dillon at the fair!  It will be my first booth ever…presenting the gospel with wonderful Pauline pamphlets/tracts and some great posters that I had made up.  Please keep me in prayer for knowledge and strength in my inner man!  Also…that people will want to know about rightly dividing and salvation…and that some will be saved!    Here are some wonderful studies this week!  The first one is specially lose to my heart…as I came out of the false Catholic religion.  Pray for those who are still in this bondage and do not know the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.   Pray that their eyes will be opened to the truth, with the resulting peace and understanding of the truth.    Love in His precious grace…   Mari Smile
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      Sharleen Australia

      So excited for you. Wish I was able to join you.

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