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      Christ is (not yet) King!

      “And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.” – Zechariah 14:8-9

      This is one of hundreds of prophecies about the promised kingdom God will bring to earth in Jerusalem.

      With the multitude of religions, thousands of gods, a world run by sinners, and another upcoming election in America, can there be any doubt that this prophecy has not yet been fulfilled?

      Why then do people believe we are living in the kingdom now, and try to use kingdom doctrine to explain how God operates today?

      The truth is that the Lord Jesus Christ is the rightful heir of the earth, and is the King of Kings, but has not yet made the kingdoms of this world his footstool. He is not yet reigning on Earth.

      For nearly two millennia the Lord Jesus Christ has been building a new thing (not of this world), a new creature, called the body of Christ. It is not a nation, not given any laws, not under any earthly covenants, and wherein there is neither Jew nor Gentile.

      God is not bringing in His kingdom today. He has ordained ambassadors in this world with terms of peace and reconciliation.

      This church consists of those who have received the terms through Jesus Christ, and are accepted by God in Him.

      God’s peace on earth will not be achieved through trying to establish the LORD as the king of all the earth. God’s peace toward men today comes from hearing the word of reconciliation from the ambassadors of Christ.

      Stop trying to bring in Christ’s political kingdom, and start being an ambassador preaching the terms of peace to a world Christ is coming to destroy.

      For His glory,

      Justin “ambassador” Johnson

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