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      February 12th, 2022

      Bible Search Software

      “What Bible software would you recommend in place of a concordance?”

      It is standard in all Bible study software to have a search function which replaces a print concordance entirely and can do much more.

      There is no reason to spend money to get this software either. There is plenty of free software that works just as well or better than the paid options.

      For your computer, you can download free programs like theWord, eSword, or Bible Analyzer.

      For your phone, you can download apps like the one from And Bible or Blue Letter Bible.

      Rather bookmark a website? Use the search engines at sites like these (don’t use Google for concordance searching):

      The King James Bible is free on all these platforms and can be searched in its entirety by phrase, word, or combination of letters. (Make sure you set the King James as your default Bible version.)

      Everyone should be aware of these powerful free tools. Tools will not do the work for you, but they will make it easier!

      For your edification,

      Justin “click click” Johnson

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