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      Be a Good Student

      There are millions of teachers. Here is a warning from the apostle Paul: they are not all right.

      “But they are a teacher, how can a teacher be wrong?”

      Just because someone is a good teacher, or a good speaker does not mean they are a good student. Every false Bible teacher has failed as a student of the Bible.

      You can teach anything from the Bible if you leave out enough details or add enough commentary. Yet, you cannot be a good student of the Bible unless you confine your study to the Bible: every detail, nothing more.

      How do you save yourself from being captive to false teaching? Do not study a teacher, study the Bible. Teachers need checked by scripture; good students do the checking. You do not need to teach a lesson or preach a sermon to do a Bible study.

      False doctrine can be taught well. It can sound good (Rom 16:18). It just does not sound like the Bible, for those who have ears to hear. Be a good student of the Bible.

      Teachers are fallible, the Bible is not.

      Let God be true,

      Justin “student first” Johnson

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