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      Rebecca A.

      This is a study I have put together to go through with a couple of sisters in Christ and I hoped it would be something others would benefit from also. After talking to a friend, we thought it would be helpful to go through Genesis chapter 12-35 to get an overview of the events that took place surrounding the fathers of Israel; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is important to be familiar with the promises God made to Abraham and his seed because such a big portion of the Bible is the subject of prophecy concerning the nation Israel and God’s promises and covenants made with them (Luke 1:70, Acts 3:21). One reason many people have a hard time understanding their Bible is because they do not know that God made promises to Israel that he does not give to us in the body of Christ today. We have a position as saved members of the Body of Christ seated in heavenly places in Christ (Eph. 2:4-6). Our promises and riches are in heavenly places and do not pertain to earthly things such as a promised land (Eph. 1:3). Hopefully it will be evident through this study that the promises and covenants God made with Abraham were not given to every man, but were given to Abraham’s seed which would eventually be called the nation of Israel. We will see in these chapters that God had a plan to bless the world through Abraham’s seed. Today we are living in a time that was not prophesied but rather was a mystery until it was revealed to Paul (Rom. 16:25). This mystery revealed explains that we do not receive any blessings through a nation or covenants, but rather, through Christ alone by faith in his blood, death, burial, and resurrection on our behalf (Eph. 2:11-16, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, Eph. 2:8-9).

      I have put together some simple questions that go chapter by chapter through Genesis 12-35. This is the first section of at least 3 blog posts. This first section of questions starts with Abram in chapter 12 and ends with the death of Sarah in chapter 23. The questions for the most part are not to inspire your own opinions on what the Bible is saying but rather to point you to the plain answers found in the text. This is an exercise in taking the Bible literally; it means what it says. I have found that I understand more about who God is and what he has said he is doing when I take him at his word instead of consulting my emotion and opinions on what the Bible says.

      This is not to say that you will not have further questions about what is going on in these chapters. Any questions you have can be written down to the side of your answers and studied in more depth at a later time for your own edification! The main purpose of these questions is to provide a way to stay engaged in what the text is saying and to gain an overview of all that has happened historically so we can better understand the rest of the context of prophecy! Some of these questions are more crucial to our further understanding of scripture than others. But hopefully all of the questions will be a help in retaining what you are reading!

      For those of you who choose to go through this study on your own I would encourage you to print out the questions below and write out your answers under each question. There is something about physically writing something that seems to help it stick more! At least that has proven to be true for me! It is also good to write down the exact verse reference of where you found the answer within the chapter you are working on. This may become a quick reference for you if you ever get in a conversation concerning any of these topics or if you have any further questions come up as a result of your Bible study in the future.

      P.S. – It would be profitable to do a quick read through Genesis chapter 1-11 to be aware of what had happened historically up to this point in scripture.

      Genesis 12

      1.What did God instruct Abram to do?

      2.What did God say he would do for Abram?

      3.Who is Lot in relationship to Abram?

      4.Who is Abram’s wife?

      Chapter 13

      1.What land did God promise to Abram’s seed?

      2.When Abram and Lot parted ways, where did each of them dwell?

      Chapter 14

      1.Who out of Abram’s family was taken during the war that broke out?

      2.Who was the “priest of the most high God”?

      Chapter 15

      1.What did the Lord count for righteousness concerning Abram?

      2.What did God prophesy through a vision to Abram concerning his seed?

      Chapter 16

      1.What was the name of Sarai’s Egyptian handmaid?

      2.What was the promise God gave to Hagar and how did he communicate it to her?

      3.What was the name of Abram’s son born to him by Hagar?

      Chapter 17

      1.How old was Abram when God changed his name to Abraham?

      2.Why did God change his name?

      3.What was God’s side of the covenant he made with Abraham?

      4.What was Abraham and his seed’s responsibility within the covenant God made with them?

      5.What would happen to the man who was not circumcised?

      6.What did God change Sarai’s name to and what promise did he make concerning her?

      7.How old were Abraham and Sarah when Abraham learned she would bear him a son?

      8.Which son of Abraham did God establish his covenant with?

      9.When did Abraham circumcise all the men in his household?

      Chapter 18

      1.Why did Sarah “laugh within herself”?

      2.Why did God choose to share his plan for Sodom and Gomorrah with Abraham?

      3.Why was God going to destroy Sodom?

      4.How many righteous people did God say he would spare the city for?

      Chapter 19

      1.Why did Lot urge the two men (Angels) to come and stay in his home all night?

      2.How many were saved from being destroyed in Sodom?

      3.Into what city did Abraham and his two daughters go to be safe?

      4.Why did Lot’s daughters lay with their father?

      Chapter 20

      1.How did God appear to Abimelech?

      2.What did God say would happen if Abimelech did not restore Sarah to Abraham?

      3.Why did Abraham lie concerning Sarah his wife?

      Chapter 21

      1.How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?

      2.Why did Abraham send Hagar and Ishmael away?

      3.What skill did Ishmael learn as he grew in the wilderness?

      4.To whom did Abraham swear to do only good? (Genesis 21:23)

      Chapter 22

      1.Where did God tell Abraham to go and offer Isaac as an offering?

      2.How many days journey was it to the mountain God brought Abraham and Isaac to?

      3.Who stopped Abraham from slaying his son Isaac?

      4.Why did God say he would bless Abraham and multiply his seed?

      Chapter 23

      1.How old was Sarah when she died?

      2.How much did Abraham pay to purchase the sepulcher for his wife to be buried in?

      3.Where was the sepulcher located?

      Written by: Rebecca

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      Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Study)

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