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      Rebecca A.

      I hope this study has been informative for you so far! I have enjoyed going back through this portion of Genesis and becoming more familiar with God’s promises given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I always learn something new going back through scripture I’ve already read in the past, there are just so many details that can be overlooked. In this next section of questions we will be covering Genesis chapters 12-27. These chapters will begin with the choosing of Isaac’s wife and end with Isaac’s son Jacob being the recipient of God’s promises made first to Abraham his grandfather then to Isaac his father. As always I hope these studies are helpful for you! Feel free to contact me with any questions.


      Genesis 24

      1.What did Abraham make his servant sware to do concerning his son Isaac?

      2.What city did Abraham’s servant sit outside of at a well?

      3.What was the criteria Abraham’s servant was looking for in the woman that would be Isaac’s wife?

      4.What was Rebekah’s familial relationship to Isaac?

      5.Did Abraham’s servant travel alone?

      6.To whom did Abraham’s servant recount the story of his journey?

      7.How long did Rebekah’s mother and brother want her to stay before leaving to marry Isaac?


      Genesis 25

      1.What was the name of the woman Abraham married after the death of Sarah?

      2.Which of Abraham’s children did he give all that he had to?

      3.How old was Abraham when he died?

      4.Where did Isaac and Ishmael bury Abraham?

      5.What did God do for Isaac after the death of his father?

      6.How old was Ishmael when he died?

      7.Why did Isaac intreat the Lord on behalf of his wife Rebekah?

      8.What did God prophesy concerning Rebekah’s twin sons?

      9.How old was Isaac when Jacob and Esau were born?

      10.What did Esau sell his birthright to Jacob in exchange for?


      Genesis 26

      1.What was the promise the Lord made to Isaac when he dwelt in Gerar?

      2.Why did Isaac lie to the men of Gerar concerning his wife?

      3.What was the charge Abimelech made to all his people concerning Isaac and Rebekah?

      4.Why did Isaac call the well he digged Rehoboth?

      5.What was the reason the Lord said he would bless Isaac when he appeared to him in Beersheba?

      6.What was the covenant Isaac made with Abimelech?

      7.How did Beersheba get its name?

      8.How old was Jacob when Esau married Judith?


      Genesis 27

      1.Why did Isaac ask Esau to make him a meal?

      2.what did Rebekah instruct Jacob to do?

      3.What was the blessing Isaac gave to Jacob when Jacob was disguised as Esau?

      4.What were the two things Esau said Jacob had done unto him?

      5.What did Isaac prophesy would happen concerning his Son Esau?

      6.Why did Jacob need to flee to Haran?

      7.What was Rebekah’s fear concerning the daughters of Heth?


      Written by: Rebecca


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