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      What makes us Christian:
      We Believe…

      – The Bible is the word of God without error, inspired and preserved by God.
      – The Triune God: One God exists in three distinct persons. These three are one, each possessing all the attributes of God.
      – The Deity of Jesus Christ born of a virgin fully man, and fully God manifest in the flesh.
      – The Substitutionary Atonement of Christ for salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
      – The literal Resurrection of Christ to offer salvation and eternal life to all who believe.
      – The Return of Christ bodily to reign and rule in heaven and earth

      What makes us unique among Christians:
      We Believe…

      Mid-Acts Pauline Dispensational Right-Division
      Jesus Christ gave the Apostle Paul a new, distinct gospel – the revelation of the mystery – which contains the instructions to the church for today
      In this dispensation of God’s grace we are not under the law
      The King James Bible is a product of God’s promised obligation to perfectly preserve his words
      The family relationship is a reflection of God and the church
      We are all individually responsible for our choices before God. There is no priesthood today. Christ is the only mediator.
      God’s power works through sound doctrine to affect positive change in the world
      God’s ambassadors live within the world but should not live as the world

      We Believe…

      We are saved from sin and death when we trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and his bodily resurrection. His sinless blood pays for our sins, earns forgiveness, and gives us eternal life.

      Salvation is not a product of:

      – Prayer
      – Popes
      – Baptism
      – Confession
      – Good works
      – Turning from sin
      – Commandments
      – Church membership
      – Mass or the Lord’s Supper

      Salvation is free to the ungodly who will put their faith in the death, blood, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for their sins (Romans 4:5; Romans 4:24-25; 1 Cor 15:1-4).

      We also feature Pauline churches who rightly divide, such as Grace Ambassadors.

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