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      A Stopping Point in Acts

      The book of the Acts of the Apostles is the account of the apostles going to Israel with the witness and testimony of Jesus Christ empowered with the Spirit. When the book ends so do the Spirit filled Acts.

      The Holy Spirit is mentioned throughout. First, being poured out upon the twelve kingdom apostles, and then later in the miraculous ministry of Paul, the apostle of the gentiles, ministering with signs to Israel wherever he goes among the Gentiles.

      The end of the book concludes with a trial proving Israel had been given every opportunity, but had rejected the Spirit empowered Acts of the Apostles and their message of salvation.

      Acts is not about the beginning of the church, but about the fall of Israel starting with Jerusalem and ending in Rome, far hence from the city where God would dwell according to prophecy.

      The last time we read about the Holy Ghost in Jersualem is in Acts 7:55 when they stoned Stephen filled with the Spirit with a face like an angel.

      When Jerusalem rejected the Spirit, they were rejecting the kingdom. When Jews from Jerusalem to Rome rejected the Spirit, they were rejecting grace.

      There is a natural dividing line at Acts 9. The Spirit is rejected in Acts 7, He leaves Jerusalem in darkness in Acts 8, and Christ returns in Acts 9 to save the blinded chief of the Jewish opposition by grace ordaining him to be a new apostle.

      You can listen to the first 8 chapters of Acts verse by verse online here. (http://graceambassadors.com/acts)¬†You will find very important dispensational information about Israel, their kingdom, and the Spirit. You will not find anything about the mystery church revealed first to the apostle Paul… because it isn’t there.

      Study for yourself and find out if I am right.

      For His glory,

      Justin Curtis Johnson



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