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      9 Reasons to Rightly Divide

      By Justin Johnson

      When so many people seem to “get by” without the knowledge of the Bible rightly divided, it is tempting to think it does not matter greatly.

      Is rightly dividing the word of truth important? Why is it important to recognize the importance of progressive revelation and the special dispensation of grace in which we now live?

      Here are a few reasons.

      #1 Your Salvation

      The church is facing a gospel crisis. No one can agree on what it is, or how to preach it. Christian catchphrases and slogans abound in personal testimonies causing serious doubt as to whether self-named Christians are actually trusting the gospel of Christ or not. People “receive Jesus”, “renounce sin”, and “believe God” without knowing the preaching of the cross. A failure to rightly divide often allows a cross-less gospel, which results in unsaved people thinking that they are.

      #2 Your Bible

      One major reason for people disbelieving the Bible is because of supposed contradictions. The vast majority of these apparent contradictions are resolved by rightly dividing the word of truth. Without right division, the Bible does not mean what it says, has mistakes, or worse, is not really the word of God.

      #3 Your Understanding

      Biblical illiteracy is a direct result of not rightly dividing the word of truth. I have lost count of how many people have learned right division and say something like, “my eyes have been opened, I love studying the Bible now.” Conversely, people stop studying when they can’t understand. When the scriptures are dark trusting the “professionals” to interpret becomes necessary, which means personal Bible study ceases.

      #4 Your Growth and Christian Walk

      Spiritual growth can only happen after people are saved (see the first item above). After salvation, not rightly dividing can severely stunt spiritual growth. If a baby Christian thinks their growth is found in keeping the law of the red letters in Matthew 5, the persistent labour of Hebrews, James, or the sinlessness of 1 John then they are in for trouble. A Christian saved by grace needs to walk in grace, and that instruction is found in Paul’s epistles alone.

      #5 Your Finances

      Unless you live under a rock, everyone knows there is financial fraud in what is now a multi-billion dollar church industry. What less know is that it is a direct result of wrong doctrine. You would not be the first or last Christian to place their last hope of financial deliverance on the manipulations and lies of pastors in sheep clothing that teach the law tithe principle instead of the dispensation of God’s grace toward giving.

      #6 Your Marriage

      Understanding the dispensational change from law to grace will forever change the way you think about your relationship to your spouse and children. The graceless face of legalism too often dwells in Christian homes and marriages. When the mystery of Christ and the church is taught, legalism is evicted, and love can grow between people that would otherwise be incompatible.

      #7 Your Health

      From avoiding medical help to placing all your hope in a healing, the faith of many is destroyed when bad things happen and loved ones die. Understanding what God is doing today (the dispensational question) gives you sufficient grace and wisdom to know how trouble can make your faith stronger instead of weaker.

      #8 Your Career

      Well meaning Christians want to serve the Lord, but do not know his will. Waiting for signs that never come, assigning divine purpose to circumstances, or moving in the wrong direction, are all career mistakes that Christians face because of a failure to rightly divide. Learning God’s will is necessary for success in the Christian life. God’s will must be rightly divided.

      #9 Your Prayers

      Perhaps your confusion about prayer is directly related to not understanding what God is doing today and why. After all, didn’t Jesus promise to give what we asked in his name? Once again, rightly dividing puts prayer in its proper place.

      … and Many More

      This is only a brief list of why right division is important, but can there be any more important reasons? I could go on and on about your joy, your peace, your politics, your future, your hope, etc, but I ran out of fingers (I need one to type).

      Mid-Acts Pauline dispensational right division will save you from scores of doctrinal errors, and will enlighten you to the power of God’s will (Eph 1:18; 1 Tim 2:4).

      The Bible rightly divided is not only important, it is necessary. It’s time you started rightly dividing.

      Join us as we continue to uncover the unsearchable riches of Christ that were kept secret since the world began, but now are made known through the revelation of the mystery (Eph 3:8-9).

      All of these subjects have their own section on our website here.

      Watch a chart lesson. Listen to a free seminar. Get the book Start Rightly Dividing in print. Get it for free in PDF.

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