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      October 31st, 2020
      Every four years our country repeats the effort to solidify the future hope of our country … at least for the next four years.
      Billions of dollars are spent pushing name recognition and policy explanation… for the next four years.
      Teams of zealous volunteers go door to door and conduct polls by phone, online, and in person to report on the importance of … the next four years.
      Conversations are consumed with the contest, debating differences big and small, because even small differences matter greatly … for the next four years.
      So much time and energy are invested persuading people to make a decision, the right decision, the one decision that could change their life (in some ways) … for the next four years.
      If this happens every four years for the hope of small changes for a short four years, then why are Christian evangelists viewed askance for ministering with intruding zeal a one-time spiritual change that lasts for eternity?
      “Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.” – 1 Cor 9:25
      Christian evangelism is on the decline in our country. Political involvement is on the rise. It is not the methods that have been rejected, it is the message. Our country has traded religions. The unseen eternal hope has been exchanged for the far lesser hope of what can be seen in the next four years.
      As ambassadors for Christ, our mission has not changed, especially during election week. As you choose who represents you for four years on earth, remember that you represent the Lord from heaven every four years now and forever.
      For His glory, Justin “campaign forever” JohnsonEvery 4 Years
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