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      Recreate the Wheel

      I’ve told you before about some amazing free resources accessible on the internet that at one time cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

      But with access to more information than ever before there is a tendency not to do personal study.

      Some studies suggest that our brain changes the way it thinks after prolonged internet use. The age old task of remembering is replaced by Googling, and reading news feeds. The fact that we have genius technology does not mean we live in a society of geniuses.

      This week’s Bible study tip is in some cases to recreate the wheel for the sake of personal growth. Listening through hundreds of sermons does not mean you have studied it yourself. You have only listened to someone else’s study. Access to libraries of books does not mean you understand anything in the books.

      Study on your own; create your own Bible lessons. Outline books, read books, redraw chronologies, create lists of Kings and judges. Draw your own maps. Teach someone.

      If you spend the time to recreate the wheel, the better chance you will understand how it works.

      For His glory,

      Justin Curtis Johnson

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