Noah’s Sons and Racism

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      Here is a fascinating and godly sermon. One that may clear up a lot of confusion that is taught today, even in some grace churches.  I was completely edified.
      I think in light of what is happening in our world today, this is extremely important information for all of us.  You may be very enlightened and already aware, or it is going to astound you.  It astounded me in the sense that I knew of some of the false teaching on this subject, but I did not know how seemingly good and godly people came by this in particular, awful, actually horribly devastating false teaching!
      I pray that all SWORDS know we all come from one blood….and we are all saved by one blood, the blood of Jesus Christ.
      This lesson is part 19 in a verse by verse study through Genesis titled: Noah’s Sons and Racism.  It is by Justin Johnson at Grace Ambassadors church.
      My love and prayers for you all in grace,
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