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      Ask Right Questions

      “There is no such thing as a stupid question.”

      The person who truly believes this either has a high view of humanity, has never worked with children, or has a stupid question to ask.

      Having asked, answered, and received many questions, I can tell you stupid questions exist. I’ve heard them. I’ve asked some.

      The sentiment that everyone should ask questions is right on. Just last month this update encouraged asking questions, and allotting time for questions to be asked at church meetings.

      But not every question is the right one. Not every question is equal. Not every question matters. Not every question has an answer, or is worth our time to answer.

      How do we know what the right questions are? Now, that is a good question.

      Sometimes people spout the oversimplification, “The Bible has all the answers.”

      Well, that’s not true either. Thinking the Bible can answer every question would require God to answer a lot of stupid questions.

      The Bible has the answers to the right questions – the most important questions.

      This means if you want to know the right questions to ask, read the answers the Bible provides.

      God provided what we need to know from him (not always what we want to know). The answers he provides to make the man of God perfect are answers to the most important questions.

      If all of your questions about God and the Bible do not have clear answers in the Bible, perhaps you have been asking the wrong questions.

      If you have questions, ask them. Questions help you learn. Sometimes what you learn is that you asked the wrong question. Try again.

      If you want right answers, ask right questions.

      For His glory,

      Justin “are we there yet?” Johnson

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      Trace IN

      LOL, I saw this one, too, Mari & liked it.

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      LOL, me too!
      Sometimes I sound like a broken record:
      “The Bible doesn’t tell us everything,
      just trust in God.”

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