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Linda IL

Hi ladies, Sharleen, I agree with Pastor Kurth in that Communion/The Lord’s Supper is a time to reflect on Christ and what He did for us. Remember Christ said in 1 Corinthians 11:24-25, each time He had given thanks for  the bread and wine, He said “this do in remembrance  of me.” We don’t need to reflect on ourselves for personal confession. We are the Body of Christ and has already been forgiven. Besides, if we need to confess something to Christ, we do that to Him and not the congregation. It is solely for remembrance on Christ and His gift to us, and also to fellowship with Christ’s Body. The Lord’s Supper and Communion is one and the same. Communion is mentioned in the 10th chapter of Corinthians, and The Lord’s Supper is mentioned in the 11th chapter. It is not the same as the Passover the Lord took with His disciples in Luke 22:14-20. The Lord’s Supper in Corinthians was a special revelation given to Paul by Christ for the Body of Christ as evident in 11:23. In the book, Basic Bible Doctrines by Donald Webb, there’s a teaching on the Doctrines of the Bible and The Lord’s Supper is one of them.