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Thanks Sharleen….  I am re-writing all my old studies…now that I have learned so much more…want to shake some of the studies out!

I love these studies too.  They are just the best for me!

Justin reminded me of something….when I told him that the church here might only have me and Emmie…but at least the truth will be available here…he told me this: “It’s what the Lord would have you do no matter what. Increase may be seen in yourself”

I sometimes forget that we do not always know the increase or outcome…but we still do what is right and I believe the Lord wants you to answer…whether they listen or understand or not…  HE has His reasons.  🙂  And…I forgot that sometimes it is the work He is doing in us as we do the right thing…not always those we are ministering too!


I just love you all!