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Sharleen Australia

Thanks, Mari – after the lunch break I spoke about in the ‘Chat’ section this was like an injection of encouragement. Mind you all through the anti-God discussion I was aware I had the armour of God on. I am befriending one of the main critics and hope to have opportunities to talk with her. It is difficult if people don’t think for themselves and even if you give them a clear answer to their criticism they will jump on another and it’s too difficult to explain in a ‘sound-bite’. For example, at that lunch break, they were all asking how did people come for Adam and Eve having ONLY 2 sons and one killed the other…. I explained that the bible speaks about 3 sons and that also says they had another sons and daughters. Straight from this ‘major sticking point’ being answers was – well that’s incest and the bible tells us we can’t do that… Everyone joins in… So hard to break in and explain genetics and perfection in that atmosphere of ridicule and time restrictions. Also when so many other things are being laughed at. Hence, in the end, I remained quiet – knowing there is a time and place.

Love this study – will read it again