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Sharleen Australia

I had just listened to this on Saturday. 🙂 . As usual, I learnt from Justin’s teaching. I often worry that it can go in one ear and out the other until I hear something contrary to the truth later on. Went to a local Baptist church on the weekend as they had a guest speaker from Creation Ministries. He was saying how the gospel is to ‘fear God as the time of judgement is here’ – found in Revelations. Then I remembered Justin’s sermon from years ago on the 4 gospels in the ‘NT’ and how this is the everlasting gospel and not the gospel of grace. Just so frustrating seeing believers get so confused as they don’t rightly divide – yet in this current sermon Justin speaks how we are not to lose HOPE from such things. How many times do we start to lose hope that no one will listen or understand right division? Yet as Justin said – we did! I may email the man from Creation ministries and maybe send a link to Justin’s sermon on the 4 gospels. As it is so important to understand the basics – such as what is the gospel. And have hope that he will read the email and believe.